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01. Juni 2019

Establishing new Workhop and Registering Polish Company "Tohu&Bohu" (Manifest sketch)

01. Januar 2019

Winter Brake


31. Oktober 2018

Studio moving form Berlin to

Grabiszyce Górne (PL)

15. September 2018

Production of 1000 Jars couple

25. Dezember 2017

Merry Christmas and a happy New Year!

09. Dezember 2017

Bazer / Luzern

29. November 2017


they have stolen: many tool; two cameras; a very good coffee machine; package of coffee beans; cigarettes

they have stolen: many tool; two cameras; a very good coffee machine; package of coffee beans; cigarettes

31. Oktober 2017

Products in progress / Studio Berlin

28. Oktober 2017

Jahrmarkt der schönen Dinge / Luzern

MARKT Neubad Luzern

Kreativschaffende aus der ganzen Schweiz präsentieren und verkaufen am Jahrmarkt ihre schönen Dinge – ihre einzigartigen Produkte.

20. Oktober 2017

„Echt Alt / Original Old“ / Leipzig

„Echt Alt / Original Old“

Internationale Upcycling – Messe & Ausstellung

29. September 2017

Studio Work / autumn - winter time

22. Juli 2017

Studio Opening / Wedding

07. Juli 2017

Construction Work / tohu&bohu Studio Wedding / Berlin

13. Juni 2017

Young Design - konkurs IWP / Warszawa

We are proud, Daria got to the polish young Design final!

01. Juni 2017

Second Crowdfunding collection starts Now!

Are you already a backer of the tohu&bohu glass Workshop project? Please check our Crowdfunding and choose your favourite present...

We warmly say thanks for all your support!

Now we collecting for the second and last glass machine we still need.

This will be for the professional work of Designers and Artists to create new glass Pieces/Prototypes.

As soon we will afford the second Machine the first glass machine (working Machine for production) will move to MiserArt in Poland.

31. Mai 2017

We achieved the first Crowdfunding goal! The small Glass-Polishing-Machine! 1000 thanks to all our supporters!!

We are proud to present the first tohu&bohu Crowdfunding goal:

The Polishing-Glass-Machine for the upcoming production in Wrocław!


1000 Thanks to our 16 supporter! We are happy and can`t wait to start working... For this we will move in our new Studio in Wedding (Berlin) beginning of July! This smaller machine will be used for the glass production line in Wrocław. In future 2-3 homeless man will take part in the production cooperation. In return they will get work and a home.


Now we are collecting for a professional Machine for Designers and Artists to create new glass Pieces/Prototypes.


28. Mai 2017

Charity Breakfast / Glass Product Exhibtion / Stara Kopalnia / Wałbrzych

Thanks to Stara Kopalnia for the delicious Breakfast and our big engagement in supporting poor Families around the city. We were happy to be part of the Charity event. Thanks also to our best Swiss guests Dominique and Ruedi who came all the way along to Poland to see our work. We are looking forward to a auspicious collaboration.


Breakfast Story:


Letztes Jahr wurde im Rahmen des "Sience und Art" in Stara Kopalnia" (der alte Mine) zum ersten Mal das Wohltätigkeitsfrühstück durchgeführt,

in dem wir die beste Produktedesigner der Region präsentierten.

Der Titel lautete: Polnischer Tisch. Mit dem gesammelten Geld wurden Kinderurlaube von armen Familien in der Stadt Wałbrzych gesponsert. Nun wird das Frühstück am 28. Mai zum zweiten mal unter dem Titel

"Das Haus der Kunst" angerichtet. Das Tischdesign stammt komplett aus den Objekten der Wałbrzych Porzellanfabrik und 2 jungen Designergruppen: "Ende" und "tohu&bohu". Die künstlerischen Arbeiten auf den Tisch wurden von Piotr Micek hergestellt, der Direktor des Unikat Ceramic Centrum. Die Hauptfarben dieses Jahres sind weiß, schwarz und gold.


Das Essen wird von der exzellenten Küchenchefin Maja Jońska serviert werden, sie ist in Wałbrzych geboren und war Gewinnerin des Coulinar-Programms "Hell's Kitchen" (5 Edition). Der Charity Anlass unterstützt dieses Jahr wiederum Ferien für Kinder aus der Region.


In last year in the center of Sience and Art „Stara Kopalnia” (old main) we organized for first time the charity breakfast during which we presented the best table/product design form Lover Silesia region. It was titled: Polish Table. With the collected money we sponsored children’s holidays from poor families in city of Wałbrzych.

28 of May second time we will prepare the breakfast under title: The house of Art.  The table design will be fully covered with objects of Wałbrzych porcelain factory called ‚Kristoff’ and 2 young designers groups: ‚Ende’ and ‚Tohu&Bohu’. The artistic impact at the table will be field with vases made by Piotr Micek - director of the Unikat Ceramic Centrum. The main colours this jear will be: white,black and gold.

The food also will be very special, served by originally borne in Wałbrzych excellent kitchen chef Maja Jońska which was finalist of the famous culinary program Hell’s Kitchen (5 edition ).

This year again we want to support the holidays for the children from region.


27. Mai 2017

5. Biennale Sztuki Zewnętrznej


in cooperation with the t&b TransTable Projekt / Wrocław / 27. Mai – 9. Juni


The biggest BWA gallery in Wrocław.



To Everyone!


This year, within the framework of the OUT OF STH project at Awangarda Gallery, we offer you an Occupation.

If you are trying to find an interesting occupation for yourself or others, feel free to join us. We want to show and confront various kinds of urban activities which often remain unnoticed from the perspective of shopping centres and official ceremonies.

Let’s do something together!

Contemporary art is created here and now. Its shape and impact will only depend on us! It must be a challenge, confrontation with the unknown and unpredictable. It should be freed from the dictates of the market, burden of tradition, but also fashion and global trends.

We appeal to you: occupy Awangarda Gallery! Occupy those you meet there!

Collaborating, negotiating, acting for the common good, doing altruistic and sometimes completely carefree things only for the joy of participation – this is what we offer you!

This exhibition will have no traditional opening. It will keep evolving while it lasts. We also hope it will have no ending and at some point it will simply overflow with energy throughout the whole city. Visit Awangarda Gallery BWA Wrocław at 32 Wita Stwosza Street

24. Mai 2017

second Worksshop round /

Ceramic Production / Glazing /  tohu&bohu_MiserArt / Wałbrzych Polen

tohu&bohu with MiserArt in the Ceramic Workshop of Stara Kopalnia.

21. Mai 2017

Yooweedoo Workshop Weekend / Sylt

Danke dem yooweedoo  Team und allen IdeenGruppen für die inspirierenden Zeit auf Sylt!

Wir haben rückblickend und werden zukunftsgerichtet viel mitnehmen können...

05. Mai 2017

Archiv - Daria Cutting Polishing,

MA Work / Wrocław 2009

01. Mai 2017

Catalogue translatorium źródeł / Publication MiserArt in cooperation

with tohu&bohu / Wrocław

01. Mai 2017

Design - Packing Samples

27. April 2017

Crowdfunding N° 2 // 5000.- Euro

> Summer 2017 //

The first Crowdfunding wasn't successful moneywise. But we are grateful to all that backed us and value your contacts also we got to know a long term investor who is willing to sponsor the missing part. Now we are motivated to start in to a second round. To buy the most necessary machines we will need 10`200 Euro to start a small production line. In this funding period the support goes directly to the project, we won`t pay for any platform. We hope you can find a goody you d like to call your own (under the project description). Our progress will be documented on the blog, so we d love to invite you to check what s we are going to with the money. We can`t wait to FINALLY start. Thank you for helping!

21. April 2017

tohu & bohu - Ceramic Workshop for MiserArt / Wałbrzych

05. April 2017

tohu & bohu - Future Glass Studio / Berlin

01. April 2017

Price - Wettbewerb yooweedoo

Wettbewerb Gewinn bei yooweedoo.

Bei erfolgreichem Crowdfunding werden uns 1000 Euro für Investitionen an das Projekt gespendet + 4 Tage aus Sylt zum Marketing Workshop!