How it all started?


A long time ago in the city of Jerusalem, also known as the navel of the world, we met at the Table. Seven years later, we decided to combine our skills and passion. This is how it came Tohu & Bohu in 2015 - a project that brings art and sustainable design in harmony. A philosophy that connects a fair way of production with the inclusion of the social environment and for creation basic everyday products.





about us




Daria Wartalska

Is a product designer.


Wartalska is currently doing a PhD in the discipline of sustainable design. Her research question is: How can the resource of a product be used in a meaningful way? What is post-consumptionizm.


Using the example of glass bottles: Are there alternatives to costly and energy-intensive melting, glass recycling? Glass recycling needs the same amount of energy as the new production. This problem was the basis for Wartalska's master's thesis, in which she designed a complete utility set made of disposable bottles with minimal energy consumption. This is how her path to sustainable design began. Wartalska continues to work with waste, ecological technologies and socially responsible production processes. Her vision is to prove that design does not serve as a player in thoughtless consumption, but rather plays a major role in using products holistically. Daria Wartalska strives to (re) design objects in such a way that the resources used can best continue to live in the cycle of things.



Daria Wartalska

Berlin, Grabiszyce

+48 512 243 065


Prisca Wüst

Is a media artist.


She works with new media in connection to social spaces. A productive balance is important to her to achieve between analog and digital world and to bridge people of different cultural and social backgrounds.


Wüst uses the medium of film and the Internet for this. For her doctoral project deepen her cinematic practice by realizing a “virtual unlearning school”. At the Modeling self-organized schools, Wüst constructs a virtual school model. Filming a specific Learning units are fed into the virtual model and passed on to new test subjects, which in turn have it own own contribution to the topic. This creates an exchange of knowledge and dialogue. The Tohu & Bohu example is about the knowledge of the reuse of glass bottles. In workshops with homeless people, artists and designers are shown how glass bottles are used differently, this is done and reconstructed in virtual space. Wüst's goal is to create a dialogue across social boundaries and thereby create one multi-perspective view of knowledge production.



Prisca Wüst

Berlin, Luzern

+49 159 04 22 55 25




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Grabiszyce Górne 142

59-820 Leśna, Poland

tel: +48 75 722 32 86


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